In a Word:

Amazeballs. (No, that’s not really a word. Sue me.)

So, your den mothers Michele and I just figured that this week’s finale to March Madness would be pretty much like any other Thursday. We gathered the money, and we had one new lady, so we gave the official New Lady Spiel.

But then some new ladies came in, and we ended up giving the spiel again.

And then MORE ladies came in, and we gave the spiel a third time.

Then I started the dance mix, and EVEN MORE ladies came in, and I let Michele give Spiel #4 to them.

When all was said and done, we looked around and counted…TWENTY TWO ladies. I couldn’t believe it. We had to count multiple times. I made sure I got photo evidence at the end. It was record smashing!

So about that mix…what do you get when you cross Princess Leia with a parrot?

I don’t know the answer to that myself, but I’m guessing it’s only half as ridiculous–ridiculously awesome, that is–as the mix that pumped out of the speakers courtesy of DJ Reaction. Christened DJ Monster Mash for the evening, the last theme of March Madness featured any song that consisted of two or more songs, or a “mashup” as the hep cats call them. And the ladies didn’t stop dancing! Young and old, newbie or vet, no matter what dancer it was, that lady was MOVIN’!

Thanks to all of you ladies for a fantastical evening! And thanks to everyone that’s been a part of this year’s March Madness. It’s been magical, mystical, magnificent, and a bunch of other adjectives that start with ‘m’!

And now, the mix that made me go through more than one bottle of water:

And now, welcome to April, where we return to your regularly scheduled dance programming. DJ Rashes is just itchin’ to (wo)man the turntables, so don’t miss her return this week!


One thought on “In a Word:

  1. TWENTY TWO ladies?!? That’s freaking awesome! But…. how did you have room to move?

    I’m safely established in my new place in Philly, and I’m pretty happy here, but missing my DDPP girls back in Mpls. ❤

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