Like, DJ Mad Max’s 80s Mix, Was Like, Totally Awesome

Okay, so when I was hyping up last week’s 80s theme mix for March Madness, I made a statement to the effect of, “if you don’t like the 80s, you must not like fun.” Okay, that was a bit harsh, I admit. I know plenty o’ fun ladies that actually want nothing to do with that decade.

But oh, if only those ladies could have been there this past Thursday, as DJ Hampsterdance–now DJ Mad Max–dug into the proverbial 80s vault

and pulled out a neon-colored, strawberry-shortcake infused mix of nostalgia and high-octane dance hits. When the lights came on, we were all sporting scrunchies and slap bracelets. It was magical, I tell you.

If DJ Mad Max’s mix couldn’t turn you to into an 80s fanatic, I don’t know what could have.

A million kudos to DJ Mad Max, and special props to all of the new ladies that came out Thursday! You are all amazing! And in honor of the mix, I will be wearing the following to upcoming DDPPs:

Update! Playlist ahoy!


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