DJ Groove Showers Us with Hate

That’s actually a good thing.

Last Thursday marked another stellar evening by dance vet extraordinaire Judie, aka DJ Groove. When asked to tell us about her themed Haters Mix for March Madness, she told us that it all started with Valentine’s Day. And how much she hated it. That hate for everything red, pink, heart-shaped and/or annoyingly romantic turned into a mix that was all about love gone bad.

Sound depressing? It was anything but, as the ladies of DDPP sent those bitter feelings up in flames! Take that, love! You may get our hearts down at times, but DDPP is always there to lift our hearts back up into the sky! So sing along with us, won’t you?:

(Just replace “love” with a really quick “DDPP”. Not as catchy, perhaps, but more accurate.)

Thanks, DJ Groove, for helping us kick love to the curb with style!

And as always, thanks to all the ladies that came out and danced with us!

I’m still waiting on the mix to post, but until then, perhaps tonight’s 80s mix will tide you over? That’s right, DJ Hampsterdance, rechristened DJ Mad Max, will be playing 80 minutes of 80s music. It will be, like, totally awesome! See you there!

**********Playlist update! Feast your eyes!*******************


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