DJ Lux’s Fantastical Movie Mix (Take 2)!

Every good movie has a sequel these days, so why shouldn’t DJ Lux rework the movie magic from a year ago to create our second awesome mix for March Madness? 25 songs of Oscar award-winning fantasy! DJ Lux came dressed to impress, and it was good thing, too, because she needed to look good on the podium:

Congrats, DJ Lux, on an award-winning mix! Now that you’re a big deal, don’t forget us little people…

Of course, I heard that our lovely chapter of DDPP is up for Best Choreography. (We’re a shoe-in, of course.) And you know what clinched our nomination? Our ballet dancing to music from the animated motion picture ‘Aladdin’:

(The preceding was for our German readers.)

So, two weeks down in March Madness, three to go! I know I can’t wait for next week–DJ Groove will be laying down her Hater’s Mix. Rock.

Until then, thanks to all of the ladies–and NEW ladies–that came out tonight.

And now, the mix that drew record crowds at the box office:

And, the movies/shows they came from:


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