Welcome to March. It’s Madness, I Tell You!

Oh my oh my oh my. It was an epic night, folks. First week of March Madness. Record-breaking crowd. Spontaneous clapping. Frolicking to and fro. Enough steam to make us feel like we were in here:

We weren’t beating ourselves with leaves, but we sure were beat from all of that dancing. Enough so that we thoroughly enjoyed the long cooldown song.

Welcome to March Madness, folks, where every week is a different theme. Tonight, DJ Noopy-G got things started with her ode to music and dance. Oh, and dance we did. We even had not one, but TWO instances of what I like to call “popcorn”, where everyone strayed from their Personal Dance Space and moved all over the place. It was fantastic! And to share in the phantasmagoria, we had new ladies! Three, if I recall. All of them were awesome, of course–did you even have to ask?

Thank you Noopy-G, thanks to the new ladies, and thanks to EVERYONE that came out tonight! This mix will be hard to beat, but I think we’re going to have a song-for-song match of awesomeness with the ladies lined up for this month. Next week: DJ Lux brings us her Academy Award wining Movie Mix. Don’t miss it! Until then, here are the songs that got us dancing:


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