March Madness Kicks off This Thursday at DDPP!

It’s time to gear up for spring, and what better way to put some spring in your step than to Dance Dance Party Party! Our annual March Madness is super-sized this year, with five–count ’em–FIVE weeks of incredible themed mixes. Check it out!

March 3rd: DJ Noopy G, or “Noop Dawg” (as she’s affectionately called by at least one den mother) kicks off March Madness by reminding us what DDPP is all about: music and dancing. So, for 80 minutes, we will pay tribute to our reason for being DDPPers by dancing to music about dancing and music! It’s philosophical! It’s poetic! Its reflexivity will put your mind and body in knots! Don’t miss it!

March 10th: We loved it so much last year that she’s bringing it back! DJ Lux rocked us with her mix of movie music, so she returns to the turntables with a sequel of dance-tastic movie tunes! There’s no doubt that this will be a veritable blockbuster on the dancefloor! See you there!

March 17th: Are you still thinking about how much you hate Valentine’s Day? Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn, and other dance parties hath no amazement like the Hater’s mix that DJ Groove will be laying down the third Thursday in March. It’s all about love lost and bitter revenge, so bring those bad memories in your heart and set them aflame on the dance floor. There may not be actual smoke, but there will be steam on the windows!

March 24th: If you don’t love 80’s music, well, you probably hate fun. The rest of us, though, will be jamming out in neon for DJ Hampsterdance’s totally awesome 80’s mix! Totally. Don’t forget your leg warmers and slap bracelets!

March 31st: Yours truly, DJ Reaction, will close out March Madness with a playlist of approximately 50 songs. How can she do that in just 80 minutes, you may ask? Behold the power of the mashup! Just for one night, DJ Monster Mash will serve out heaping servings of the craziest and/or awesomest musical mashups you’ve ever heard. Bollywood with metal? Beatles with Jay-Z? Who knows? March may go out like a lamb, but this mix will have the ladies roaring like crazed lions.

We are still located at Old Arizona (2821 Nicollet Ave). When you get to the front gate, look towards the cafe and follow the signs.

Classes start at 7pm, with music starting promptly at 7:10. Admission is $5.

See you there!


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