If Dance History Repeats Itself…

…then let me relive it over and over again!

Tonight we were graced with the lovely DJ Jazzy Jenn’s return to the turntables. Fun historical fact: DJ Jazzy Jenn was the VERY FIRST guest DJ for the Twin Cities DDPP! Make sure you remember that, folks, because you never know when it might come in handy:

As it turns out, this was DJ Jazzy Jenn’s 7TH time spinning for us lucky ladies. And to celebrate, she pulled out a mix of her all time favorites–a selection of the best songs to have tickled our ears and moved our feet over the past two years. And, it was awesome! (But of course.)

Another momentous occasion tonight: yours truly got to break in her new running–I mean dancing shoes! Remember ladies, if you need to get shoes for DDPP, make sure they have shock absorption for all that jumping you’re going to do…

Thank you, Jazzy Jenn, for providing us 25 reminders of just how wonderful you are with an ipod. Thanks to ALL the ladies for coming out, and thanks to our newest new lady for rockin’ it! It was like we were all wearing magic shoes…

Next week is going to be total amazeballs (!) as we kick off March Madness. Updates coming soon! Until then, feast your eyes on the best of DJ Jazzy Jenn:


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