Dancing like Animals. Dance Animals. Animals of Dance.

Whatever. You get the picture.

Okay, so when I think of Hampsterdance, I usually get a shiver, thinking of that three-octave high rodent and his crew of reproduced groove-shakers:


Now DJ Hampsterdance, on the other hand, only sent chills through my spine with her amazing mix of tunes. Or, as I like to call it, “tunage”. (I’ll admit that I’m on a kick of adding “-age” to any noun I feel appropriate.)

At any rate, the only dancing suggested by DJ Hampsterdance was, well, a little suggestive. At least if you judge by the first song:

Holy crap that’s indecent! So was the amount of fun we had Thursday night. Do you know why there aren’t more chapters of DDPP? Because it’s so awesome, it’s been banned in most states. Luckily, Minnesotans like to dance on the wild side.

Thank you DJ Hampsterdance, for your relentless mix. Man, did we move. I saw more ladies reach for their water bottles than tennis athletes at Wimbledon. What made me think of tennis? I have no idea. Just work with me here.

Thanks to everyone that came out, especially our new dancer of the evening! I love you all! See you next week!

And now, the mix that had us skittering about like little rodents…


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