DJ Footnotegirl Annotates a Great Mix!

So, on February 3rd, our lovely DJ Footnotegirl was going to pinch-hit for the enigmatic Abbey that was unable to DJ. Unfortunately, she herself had transportation issues that prevented her from arriving on time to start her mix. So, yours truly pulled out a mix that she made for her sister (aka “seester”) to keep the groove going.

But enough about that! This past Thursday, DJ Footnotegirl had a mix for the history books. And this was no footnote to history…you can’t put Baby in the corner, and you can’t relegate DJ Footnotegirl to the margins. This mix was full-on, 12 pt font greatness!

DJ Footnotegirl’s mix was a cornucopia of musical stylings, ie, the proverbial “everything and the kitchen sink”:

(Man, I need to do dishes more.)

Thanks to DJ Footnotegirl for a great mix, and thanks to all the ladies for such a wonderful turnout Thursday! And coming soon, the mix that made us fog up the windows in style. Until then, I’ll post my humble-in-comparison mix that we rocked to two weeks ago:

This just in! DJ Footnotegirl’s mix!


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