Noop Dawg in Da House!

Us ladies were in for a treat tonight as we were introduced to the musical stylings of DJ Noopy-G! Before we start a class, I always ask our DJ if they have anything to share with the group about their mix. Noopy-G kept it simple: “I just tried to pick songs that you would want to dance to in your underwear.”

Well, we did keep our clothes on, but dance we did. And let me tell you, Noopy-G was one of the few ladies to make a mix that really wore me out. I think the doses of metal music helped. Hmm, metal music + thrashing in underwear =


Oh trust me, we were large and in charge on the dance floor. (Tiny-sized pedestrians beware.)

DJ Noopy-G also gets one bonus point for playing a song I haven’t heard since high school (Da Dip). Before we started for the evening, I pointed out two rules about hip-hop music:

1) If you ever want to know the artist that sings the song, they will usually tell you at some point (if not multiple times) during the song, and

2) You will know you are listening to a remix because a man will come on near the beginning and yell, “REEEEEEEEMIIIIIIIIIIIIX!”

While dancing to the songs of my high school yore, I wondered, “I wonder if this song was from senior year?” Well, I found out, because of newly-discovered rule #3:

3) The artist will often mention the year of the recording during the song.

So now you know: “Da Dip” came out in ’94. Or should I say, ninety-fo.

Thanks to all of the ladies that rocked it tonight, and thanks to DJ Noopy-G for bringin’ the rock to the dance floor! We’ll have another new DJ next week (the elusive Abby), but until then, check out what played in ’94 and tonight:


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