Watch Out! DJ Rashes is Contagious!

Last Thursday was the start of our run of all-new DJs, and Heather, aka DJ Rashes, covered us all over with red itchy blotches of dance fun. And I mean that in a good way.

DJ Rashes spread like an epidemic…an epidemic of dance fever, that is. As the music pumped through the speakers, a feeling of warmth spread over us. But we didn’t run to the medicine cabinet for cortisone cream

No sirree, we grinned and beared it. And had a blast doing so!

I was so excited about the night’s mix, I almost wet myself in anticipation.

Okay, my water bottle spilled in my workout bag. No, SERIOUSLY. Okay, believe what you want to believe. No matter what the rumors are, the night was awesome. Thank you, DJ Rashes, for not pulling any punches on the dance floor. And thanks to the new ladies that joined us for an evening of dance! You are awesome!

Get ready for this week, when new DJ #2 will pick up where rashes left off. Geez, I hope I don’t need a vaccine…

And here’s the playlist, for your rash-viewing pleasure:


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