DJ G Funk Heats Things Up!

Oh my goodness, ladies, what a fantastical evening! We had a ton of new ladies come out, and a couple of vets that we hadn’t seen in awhile. Welcome all! And, we had the privilege of watching our den mother extraordinaire Michele–aka DJ G Funk–perform at the top of her game!

This mix was steamy ladies, and I’m not just talking about the Barry White blasting through the speakers. There were a whole lotta water breaks going on, but that couldn’t stop the heat, as we fogged up the windows and all the mirrors! Yowza! I’m just glad that we didn’t all spontaneously combust!

Her mix was so inspiring, that immediately after the mix we had THREE ladies clamoring to DJ. The next three weeks are going to be amazing, let me tell you!

So thanks to everyone that came out Thursday night–as always, the dancing was 100% pure awesome. And thanks to DJ G Funk, who still can rock a mix with the best of them.

Next week we will see DJ #1 of our Three DJ Extravaganza when the lovely Heather (DJ name TBA) will take to the DJ booth. Can’t wait? Well, neither can I. But until then, feast your eyes on DJ G Funk’s musical masterpiece:


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