DJ Lux Sets the New Year Ablaze!

Oh my lordy b’gordy! I don’t know how all of you kicked off *your* New Year’s–perhaps with some wine and a six-pack of resolutions soon to be broken–but here at DDPP, we kicked off 2011 with a whole lotta awesome!

DJ Lux again graced us with a party that would have made Dick Clark jealous:

If your resolution was to have more fun and burn 1,000 calories, then our dance floor was the right place to be! Maybe *your* resolution should be to join us at DDPP every week–trust me, it couldn’t do you no harm.

Thanks to all the ladies that danced with us last night, thanks to DJ Lux for a fantastical mix, and I hope to see you all on the dance floor next week, as den mother Michele returns to the turntables to keep this year chuggin’ along…

Until then, here’s your moment of zen–I mean, playlist:


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