December Round-Up!

Yes, I know it’s January. Your den mother has a resolution for 2011: not to wait so damn long to put the posts up.

But it was the holidays, you dig? Your den mother was so busy whoopin’ it up Christmas style that songs and playlists eluded her.

But fear not, faithful readers! Here are the two mixes that helped us say sayanora to 2010…

December 9th–DJ Reaction spun the tunes. And if she recalls correctly, her iPod didn’t play them in the correct order. But regardless, here’s the playlist, warts and all:

December 16th: It was our last mix of 2010, and who could finish off the year in style *and* put us in the holiday spirit simultaneously? None other than DJ Groove. She pulled no punches with her festive feature, which she admitted contained probably a bit too much Santa. And let me tell you ladies, Santa on the dance floor is not the Santa that brings toys and eats cookies. The Santa that graced our dancefloor was a total freak:

Santa was coming, folks, but for those of you that hung your stockings, beware of finding it full of condoms and other crazy delights…

What a way to end the year! Thanks DJ Groove! Talk about the best present one could receive!

And here’s a dance that made us so naughty, Santa should have left us all coal:


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