Dance Party To-Go-Go

I love to travel, but I have to admit that there are quite a few things about traveling that I hate. Probably the worst is that I have to miss DDPP. This Wednesday I left for an almost two-week sojourn. And, with Thanksgiving coming up, I’m on dance party hiatus until December. Oh noes!

I’m not one to go all ga-ga over Apple products, but I have to say: all hail the iPod. Since I left, I’ve had not one, but TWO mini dance parties–one in my hotel in Tucson, and one here at the telescope where I’m observing.

You could say that I’m a self-contained Dance Party to Go:

(And, for the record, I did–or do–own that album.)

But even though I was still dancin’, it wasn’t quite the same. I started my Thursday night booty-shakin’ to coincide with another round of DJ Lo-Fi back home in the Twin Cities. And, although I had to miss out on another awesome mix, at least I could share the love and dance vibes, despite being miles away.

Thank you, DJ Lo-Fi, for keeping the ladies of the Twin Cities rockin’. I’m so sad I couldn’t be there! Next time, we’ll have to Skype…

Here’s the playlist:

By the way, just a reminder that DDPP is OFF for the next TWO WEEKS. Get ready for some Turkey time, ladies! Don’t worry, we’ll be back on December 2nd so you can start burning off those heavy meals. Or, perhaps, build up negative calorie reserves for Christmas? At any rate, see you in December!


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