DJ Sextasy and the Too-Hot-for-TV Mix

When I was a little girl, I remember once asking my mom, “why are there so many songs about love?” And she replied, “because love makes the world go round.”

Well, I think she was only half right. Because for every song about love powering the Earth’s rotation, there’s a song about something *else* that helps keep this planet spinning through the night.

I’m talking about sex, folks. The hibbity-dibbity. The Johnny jump-up. Or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

So, DJ Reaction had a bunch of sexay sexay songs lying around, and dance vet Lindsay suggested: why not make a totally sexified mix out of them? So, she did. And if you thought that men could be pretty raunchy, let me tell you…the ladies on this mix know how to hold their own with the locker room talk. From tonight’s mix, I now know exactly what Ciara does to her men and exactly how many inches Vanity 6 requires. Yikes.

Another thing I learned tonight: how to write good sex song lyrics. Here are some useful phrases, heard tonight, that might be good to start with:


Put them together and there you go! Just be sure to send me the royalty check…

I have to say, horny people are really hyped up on animals. We heard people singing about bees, ponies, and cats:


Thanks to all the ladies that got freaky on the dance floor with DJ Sextasy’s mix! One things’s for sure, we’ll never look at Juicy Fruit gum in the same way again. And next week will get even freakier when we present our very special Halloween mix! And, as a special bonus–show up in costume and dance for half price! Woohoo!

Until then, check out the hot and spicy songs that got our ladies sexified! You know it’s crazy when Madonna provides one of the tamer songs on your mix:


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