Luxe Lux Deluxe!

Okay, so ever since I decided to buy this song on iTunes for my mix two weeks ago, I have had this damn song running through my head for at least two hours A DAY. Seriously:

That was not my best move, people. So thank heavens that Lindsay showed up tonight bringing a mix that, for 80 minutes, had absolutely nothing to do with Antoine Dodson. Instead, we were treated to another helping of DJ Lux. Can you overdose on sunshine? Oh yeah, it’s called sunburn. Well, let’s put it this way: if DJ Lux’s mixes were sunshine, this is how I would permanently want to look:

Shine on, you crazy diamond! Thanks, DJ Lux, for yet another awesome mix. And, as always, thanks to all of the ladies that joined me to bask in the glow of Lux’s mix.

Tune in next week, when DJ Reaction comes back on the DJ attack! Whatever that means. Until then, look at what DJ Lux spit out! (Warning: be sure to wear at least SPF 40)

PS–Co-den mother Michele got some bad news tonight, and wasn’t able to dance. So, if you get a chance, please send some good vibes her way:

The dance floor is an excellent place for building up and transferring good vibes. *hint hint*


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