DDPP Provides Real-Life Training

You know what’s almost as good as DDPP? Wedding receptions. Despite the presence of booze AND boys, the typical dance floor of a wedding reception is chock full o’ the craziness usually reserved for one of our classes. Well, that is, unless the families and friends involved are a bunch of fuddy-duddies that would prefer to sit like middle school wallflowers while the One Couple dances and lets us all talk about them.

But let me just say…if you happen to attend a wedding where a DDPP vet is on the dancefloor, are you in for a treat. You see, after attending DDPP class for an extended period of time, you sort of forget that you’re not in the studio anymore. You start busting out moves in places you never thought you would.

And, people love it! A friend of mine was once complemented by THREE SEPARATE LADIES after a reception, telling her how much they loved to watch her dance. And as for yours truly, let’s just say that you’d better like me if you invite me to your wedding, as I will inevitably show up in 75% of your reception photos. Last weekend, while attending my cousin’s wedding (congrats Kurt and Alison!), I was actually high-fived by a photographer after a particularly grueling oldies mega-mix. Well, it was grueling for your average dancer, but not for your standard DDPP lady!

So ladies of DDPP everywhere, whether you’re married or not, show off those dance moves on the wedding dance floor! You’ll be a star, and you’ll kick the average wedding reception up a notch–like Emeril adding a whole cup of chili powder to your wedding jambalaya–BAM!

So after all that smack talk, I am almost ashamed to report that I wasn’t able to make it to DDPP last Thursday. Luckily, my fantastically fantastic co-den mother Michele rocked everyone out with a “vintage” DJ G Funk mix. Did you weep from the nostalgia? Or just sweat from the raised heartbeat that was like no other?

Anywhoo, take a peek at what G Funk laid down last week, and come out TONIGHT for the return of DJ Lux. (What a bright idea!)


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