I’m so lazy, my name should be Susan

Ever feel like life is moving too fast? Well, that’s how I’ve been feeling lately. Your den mother has been too busy for words, and sadly she’s been draggin’:

Okay, maybe not that kind of draggin’. Anyway…

We’ve had two awesome DJs in the past weeks. Oh wait, they’re always awesome. So just add that into your definition of DJ. So, we had two super (awesome) DJs in the past two weeks. Want me to tell you about them? Of course you do!

Well, two Thursdays ago, we had co-den mother Michele, aka DJ G Funk, spinnin’ the tunes. Sadly, I didn’t get to be there, as I was on a mountaintop, getting altitude sickness. What was the cause? Sadness that I didn’t get to dance to the incredulosity emanating from the speakers. Instead, I was at 14,000ft, staring at a computer screen. The closest I got to dancing was listening to Duran Duran and thinking about the Rio video. She dances on the sand…

So sorry, DJ G Funk, that I had to miss your mix. I was a total sad panda to have to miss it.

Last week saw the long-awaited return of DJ Lo-Fi. As always, she showed up with a mix tape in hand. Woohoo! We were hoping for a return of Richard Simmons. Not wanting to disappoint, he did send us his love. But, this mix was for the ladies and *by* the ladies, so Richard had to make a quit exit to make way for 80 minutes of ladies getting down and funky–both on the floor and with the hits! I have to say, all those ladies brought out another side of DJ Lo-Fi, one I hadn’t really seen (heard) before: and that was Lo-Fi’s rap side. Wonderful old skool rap side. I heard songs I hadn’t heard in many years…since high school and younger to be exact. (Can you figure out my age from that statment? Hope not!)

And what could make the night better? That’s right…

Actually, times THREE! Three new ladies that knew what was going on. Thanks for coming out and giving ye olde DDPP a shot! And thank you, DJ Lo-Fi for rocking my world, one 40-minute side at a time.

Tune in this week, when yours truly returns to the turntables! My lord, it’s been a long time…maybe this will snap me out of my lazy blog-updating funk…

Until then, here’s what G Funk and Lo-Fi laid down. Just for YOU, dammit!

G Funk (9-9-10)

Lo-Fi (9-16-10)


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