The blog has been quiet for a bit. Did you miss us? I know all of you have been simply on the edge of your seat to see what’s been going on here on the dancefloor, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer…

August 26: The ladies at DDPP were ecstatic to have Bree, aka DJ Breestyle back in the proverbial DJ booth. Okay, she wasn’t up on a pedestal spinning vinyl, but she definitely deserved to be on one, considering the mix she put together that night. The ladies in the place (with style and grace) totally dug the grooves, and if she had been in the booth, we possibly would have stopped for a minute to stand and pay tribute to the awesomeness, with lighters (or cell phones) raised in tribute.

But then we would have promptly returned to dancing.

I noticed something interesting that night. It appears that dancers can be divided into two “genres”: first, the ladies that like to carve out their own little happy space on the dance floor. They can do more in a 3×3 ft patch of floor than a stand-up telephone operator. Well, you get the picture. The other group (including myself) work the floor, moving and running and skipping around like they’re high on dance crack.

So, which are you? The class that night seemed like a 50/50 split. Or course, the sum of the parts were greater than the whole, which resulted in the usual foggy windows denoting our combined dance amazingment.

Amazingment? Yes, I said it. Thank you DJ Breestyle for an evening of dance amazingment! You rock, and you know it. Come back soon, pretty lady!

September 2: Solidifying her status as a DDPP vet, Lida, aka DJ Flash, returned for another chance to bedazzle us with her music mixes. She wowed us with a collection of songs that we had all heard before, although most of them had not appeared on our playlists as of yet. How did she find so much obvious dance gold that we had not unearthed? It was like a goldmine right under our noses.

Dance gold laid down and formed into musical mix ingots to adorn our dancing bodies. Thank you for dressing us up in your musical love, DJ Flash! Only two things made us sad: one, the mix had to end. Two, DJ Flash’s mix was really a sendoff for her dance partner in crime Andrea. The lovely Andrea (aka DJ Sass) is leaving us to heed the call of the Windy City. Lucky for her that she’ll be set up with more DDPP than she can handle.

Andrea asked if she would do okay at the Chicago DDPP. Um, yeah. Talk about silly question of the year! Of course you will do great, lady! But, just to make sure that you arrive with the proper credentials, I am proud to send you to the DDPP Mothership with the following credentials:

Jenns and Kell(e)ys, please take good care of her. Andrea, we hardly knew thee, but we shall miss you tons.

(Luckily for us, we know that no one leaves the Twin Cities permanently. We shall see you again, Andrea. Mwahahahahahaha!)

So thank you DJ Flash for letting us all in on your lovely send-off. And as always, thanks to all of the lovely ladies that are coming out to dance.

Did you catch DJ G Funk’s awesome mix tonight? If you didn’t, you’re missing out. I know I did. Sadly, your den mother is on a mountaintop, but will return next week to dish out some grooves. Until then, like sands through the hourglass, here are the Mixes of Our Lives:

DJ Breestyle:

DJ Flash:

1. My Prerogative…..Britney Spears
2. She’s a Lady…..Tom Jones
3. Why Don’t You Love Me…..Beyonce
4. All Night Long (All Night)…..Lionel Richie
5. Sussudio…..Phil Collins
6. Goodies…..Ciara
7. Please Mr. Postman…..The Marvelettes
8. Hoodoo Voodoo……Wilco and Billy Bragg
9. Authority Song…..John Mellencamp
10. A Little Respect…..Erasure
11. Peaches & Cream…..112
12. Real Wild Child (Wild One)…..Christopher Otcasek
13. Mmmbop……Hanson
14. Okay Dolores…..Dragonette
15. The Sunnyside of the Street…..The Pogues
16. It’s Your Thing…..The Jackson 5
17. She Blew a Good Thing…..The Poets
18. How Will I Know…..Whitney Houston
19. SOS…..Rihanna
20. The Way You Move…..Outkast
21. Adelaide…..Old 97’s


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