Happy Birthday, G Funk!

Like usual, this blog is late. But I have an excuse. I needed the extra time to find the words that truly captured the evening, the incredible tune selection of our den mother Michele, aka DJ G Funk. It was euphoric. It was phantasmagoric. It was a sparkling, glittering collection of fairies and pixies and magic frogs that pranced about on the tips of our dreams. In short, if I could sum up G Funk’s mix and put it into a 70’s era video game, it would be:

Happy birthday Michele! I have been honored and proud to have you as my den mother all these months! Of course, the class concluded with delicious cupcakes. But, I forgot to give you a card. Here you go!

Dear lord, someone put a shirt on that…animal.

Thanks for the awesome mix, and thanks to all the ladies that came out to help celebrate.

Sadly, for the first time this year, there will be NO CLASS on Thursday. That’s right, both of your den mothers are out of town, so you will have to find your own dance fantasy. But don’t worry, we’ll be back in two weeks, with none other than an awesome new DJ debut! Woohoo!

Until then, let this cupcake tide you over:


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