Half of a Class at Double the Fun = ?

Some of you may know that yours truly hardly ever misses a DDPP class; usually if I’m not there, it’s because I’m out of the city. So it was with a doubly heavy heart that I had to miss some of class on Thursday night; not only was I missing my regularly scheduled Quality Time with the dancefloor, but I had to miss the return of the great DJ Jazzy Jenn.

So what did I do? I left the meeting a little early, hopped on my bike, and pedaled as fast as I could along the Greenway until I got to beautiful Old Arizona. And when I entered the studio, I was welcomed with nearly half a dozen ladies getting down to some DJ Jazzy Jenn’s finest.

As it turns out, I missed a Miley Cyrus/Nine Inch Nails two-fer. Honestly, how often do you see those artists together?

Luckily, the second half was even better than the first, or I would have been crying all the way home. Thanks, DJ Jazzy Jenn for revving me up for the bike ride home! And, as always, thanks to all of the ladies for coming out last Thursday!

And now, the mix that is greater than the sum of its parts:

See you all this Thursday, when Judie returns with a mix that will knock your socks off!


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