DDPP, I Salute Thee!

As some may know, your den mother Megan got her start in the small dance studio of Chicago DDPP before busting out her own chapter here in the Twin Cities. But although she’s a seasoned vet of two chapters, she often wondered: what’s going on across the DDPP network?

If you’ve been curious yourself, you can check out DDPP’s main page to look at all of the chapters of past and present. And, with a little digging around on the blogs, you can put together an awesome mix of songs for your own chapter to dance to. Which is exactly what DJ Reaction did. And the result? Simply amazing. DDPP ladies know how to dance, and they know just what to play to get our creative dance juices a-flowin’. We had songs from Boston, New York, Ohio, and even a DDPP song from Paris:

Okay, not that Paris.

Thanks to all of the ladies that came out Thursday night. And thank you, DDPP for a great mix; I now have about 20 new favorite songs on my iPod. DDPP, I raise my flag in praise of thy awesomeness!

(Note: this photo taken during the Minnesota “tundra” season)

See you all on Thursday, when DJ Jazzy Jenn returns with another mix to please the dancing masses! Until then, here’s a look at what a network of DDPPers can do:


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