DJ G Funk Picks You Up!

Okay people, I am not gonna lie. When I got to DDPP last night, I was not feelin’ it. You could say that I felt like a bicycle, because I was…

too tired. (Nyuk nyuk nyuk.)

I was ready to almost call it quits and hightail it home. But of course I couldn’t miss a mix from the G Funkster. And oh, I was so glad I stayed. Her mix was proclaimed to be a souped-up version of a mix from long ago. Well let me tell you, folks, that was like taking a:

and “tweaking” it so that it’s now:

(That’s right. She can make cars fly.)

The mix started off with some old favorites, then slowly picked up tempo. By the time we got to “Diva”, I was definitely dancing like one. By the end, I felt as alert as if I had had my first cup of morning tea.

Ahh, refreshing!

DJ G Funk, thank you for an awesome mix that awakened the slumbering giant within. I ❤ you!

Tune in next Thursday, when yours truly tries to keep the endorphins a-flowin'.

And now, the playlist that’s worth 10 Jolt colas:


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