Twister the Night Away

So last Thursday I got a phone call from my fellow den mother. “Should we cancel DDPP tonight?” she asked. When I asked why, she said it was because the weatherpeople were predicting this:

It was a little late to cancel, so I said let’s just see what happens. We got to Old Arizona and asked what to do in case of emergency. Den mother Michele, always looking out, got us all set up with an evacuation plan to head to the basement, and we had candles ready to guide our way if the power went out.

For my part, I arranged for us to have cookies. Actually, the cookies weren’t just in case of emergency; they were to celebrate our very own DDPP vet extraordinaire Lindsay getting hitched.

To make a long story short, I was so glad that we didn’t cancel. We had a great group of ladies come out to welcome Lida, aka DJ Flash, as she spun tunes for the first time ever! We even had not one, but TWO awesome mothers in attendance. When we told them that they would have to duke it out after class to determine supremacy, one of the mothers instead threw down the gauntlet to the younger generation: “We will dance you under the table,” she said.

Well, I don’t know who won the epic dance battle that night, but we sure all felt like winners. DJ Flash got us going with a dance mix that defied any catastrophe Mother Nature could throw at us. Like a bolt of lightning, she zapped us with tunes that got our feet moving with more fever than if we were trying to outrun a thunderstorm. And her block of spicy latina dance music was so crazy, it nearly took the roof off. Take that, Mother Nature!

After class, we all piled out, high on Old Arizona cookies and a great 80 minutes of dancing. The sky was now a calm shade of sunset orange. DDPP for the win!

So parents, make sure your family is prepared for any type of severe weather. Make your own emergency preparedness kit.

Here’s what it should include:


First-aid kit
Canned food
Portable music player
Awesome dance music

And make sure the disco lights for your basement are on generator power.

Tomorrow, DJ G Funk keeps us going with a late June mix that will get the temperatures rising! Until then, kudos to DJ Flash for an awesome job; we hope to see you at the turntables again soon!

And now, the mix that will get you through any crisis situation:


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