On a Tangent…

Usually this space is reserved for talking about dancing. But today I am going to talk about cookies. Big fat chocolate chip cookies. Warm, fresh-from-the-oven cookies. In short, I am talking about the cookies that are served sporadically at Old Arizona.

Last Thursday a fellow dancer and I had the opportunity to each partake of a cookie before class, and my god, they were amazing! If the best cookies are made with love, these cookies are made with the kind of love featured in Shakespearian tragedies, or the kind of love that gets you slapped with a restraining order. And I mean that in a good way. I’m guessing the recipe looks something like this:

I wanted to buy more cookies, but sadly, too many before DDPP means I would have to dance with a horrible bellyache. And as much as I hate to think that most of those cookies sat there and got cold, I can’t always be dancing on a stomach full of chocolate chip heaven. So please, come to Old Arizona and buy some of these cookies. It is the best $2 you will ever spend. No, the ladies at Old Arizona did not put me up to this. I just hope that they will see this and give me cookies.

Anyway, DJ Reaction spun a web of tunes last week. It was almost as good as chocolate chip cookies. Actually, I was imagining our class being catered with cookies; every 15 minutes, a fresh batch would be served. Oh lordy!

This Thursday features a NEW DJ, and a Bacher family reunion. DJ Lux is getting hitched, and her mom and sister will be in class for a pre-wedding salute. Oh, and we’ll say goodbye to sister Kari, for reals this time.

Here’s the playlist! (Better late than never…)


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