Random Rules

If you’ve ever read the Onion, you may have come across a segment where they ask a famous recording artist to set their ipod to random and play the first five songs from their collection–no skipping allowed. From time to time, I’ll do this myself, and let’s just say that I would probably be embarrassed.

But last Thursday, I decided to take my chances and subject my fellow dancers to a mix completely random. Of course, they did have to be dance songs, so I hit random on a playlist that consisted of every DDPP song that has ever flowed from my little electronic gadget. Luckily, the ladies that were out that night were game.

And the result? Pretty damn good. My ipod mixed it up–fast and slow, old and new, national and international, serious and silly. I was so proud of my ipod; it was a great mix, and made me look like I had pretty good taste. (Hehehe. Of course, if you’ve heard enough of my mixes, you know that that’s not always the case.)

I was so excited about the mix, after class I went out and bought my ipod this hat:

So cheers to my ipod, which is probably smarter than me. Maybe I can get it to do my work, too. And my taxes? Until I figure that out, feast your eyes on what my ipod casually spit out like a pro:


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