A Trainwreck?

Us den mothers were very excited to have a new lady come and dance with us last night. She told us that she couldn’t dance whatsoever. “You’ll fit right in!” we told her.

“No, seriously, when I dance it’s like a trainwreck.”

Well, it may have been her first time, but I didn’t see any trainwreck. She rocked it just as hard as your den mothers–perhaps harder? If her dancing was a “trainwreck”, I told her, the train cargo was magical rainbows and unicorns, and the collision only released said items with glitter and sparkles and maybe some Skittles too. I imagine such an event to look a little like this:

Okay, I forgot the Skittles. But anyway, I digress.

Kudos to my den-mother-in-crime, Michele, for busting out the tunes as DJ G Funk. Despite our small numbers, we still steamed up the windows. Okay, we had a little help from the air conditioner not working up to snuff. Perhaps the A/C was busy dancing up a sweat too? We may never know.

Tune in next week, ladies, as yours truly, DJ Reaction, will celebrate her birthday with a mix of some of her favorite tunes! Come help her usher in year — in style! Until then, though, peek your eyes through your hands to look at this hot mix! So incredible, it’s almost scary!


One thought on “A Trainwreck?

  1. Thank you Michele and Megan for being so welcoming and kind. I still think my “dancing” was something you’d only see in a B horror movie, but I had a lot of fun and will be back!

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