DJ Sex Frosting Travels from Afar to Cause Mayhem Nearby!

Last Thursday we were very excited to have Amy, aka DJ Sex Frosting, come and guest DJ for us. Amy originally hails from DDPP Chicago, and couldn’t wait to share some of her Windy City Dancelove with us.

Now, we had heard through the grapevine that DJ SF was a total troublemaker…in fact, her mixes were so hot and out of control that they’ve been known to set off some fire alarms. We weren’t scared, though; we told her to come out and show us what she had.

As it turns out, Sex Frosting rocked us like never before, and we LOVED it! Our speaker, however, couldn’t quite handle the tunage, and started conking out from sheer exhaustion. So, the audio couldn’t quite be cranked up how we like it. But the songs were so awesome, however, that our dance moves were still:

After the mix, we celebrated our out-of-towner’s mix with cupcakes. No sex was involved with that frosting, though.

Thanks to DJ Sex Frosting for an awesome mix! Come back anytime, pretty lady!

And now, the mix that only a sound system of the gods could handle:


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