Like Daughter, Like Mother

It’s almost Mother’s Day. Some people buy their moms flowers, others take them out for a nice dinner. But DJ Lux decided to give her mom a big bouquet of booty shakin’.

That’s right; tonight DJ Lux came with Mama Lux in tow. And you know what? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; Mama Lux shook it, both by herself and with her daughter (which was freakin’ adorable!). I’m so proud of her, I was thinking of getting this tattoo to commemorate her awesomeness:

And it only got better, because DJ Lux cranked out another 80 minutes of incredible dance tunes. Some were shout outs to her mom, and all of them got us ladies in the groove. So ladies, if you want to give your mom something special, give her the gift of dance. Thanks again, DJ Lux! You are a three-scoop sundae of wonderful!

Tune in next week, when we have special Chicago DDPP DJ Sex Frosting working the tables. Not only that, but DJ Lux’s sister and dance vet extraordinaire, Kari, will be making a final appearance before she leaves us for Honduras. Let’s show them a warm welcome and fond goodbye next week!

Until then, the mix any mother would be proud of:


2 thoughts on “Like Daughter, Like Mother

  1. It was a great time shakin’ it up with you gals! Hope to be back in June before DJ Lux gets hitched. Until then….

    “Mama Said there’d be days like this” where “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting…..”

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