April Wrap-up

Well, it’s been a busy month for your den mother, both on the dance floor and off. So, I’ve returned to my slacker ways with the updates. But don’t fret–we’ve still been dancing like crazy. Here’s what you missed:

April 15th: Tax Day, Schmax Day. I had to send a huge check to the IRS this year, but all that faded away once we started movin’ and groovin. DJ Reaction presented a choice of three mixes, and the ladies in attendance that night chose her mix of novelty–80 minutes of ridiculous songs that made us giggle with delight.

We danced to rap accompanied by banjo, songs about odorous body parts, and, let’s just say, will never look at soccer practice in the same way again. And kudos to our new dancer that night–hope you come back soon!

April 22nd:

While den mother Megan was away in Mexico for a week, den mother Michele was left to rule the roost. Unfortunately, a communications snafu left the ladies without a mix. Luckily, Megan had prepared in advance for such a situation and Michele was able to use an Emergency Mix left in the storage bin.

So, that Thursday’s mix was provided by an old CD originally made my Liz Mason. Liz, we salute you!

1. Fuck Shit Up–Dub Narcotic Sound System
2. The Ravonettes–That Great Love
3. The Dandy Warhols–Bohemian Like You
4. Johnny McGovern–Soccer Practice
5. Hanin Elias: Get It Back
6. The Sounds: Living in America
7. Toni Basil: Mickey (12″ version)
8. Britney Spears: Chris Cox Megamix
9. Natacha Atlas: Moustahil
10. Madonna: I Love New York
11. Oasis: My Generation
12. Spoon: Stay Don’t Go
13. Le Tigre: Let’s Run
14. Ladytron: Destroy Everything
15. Adult: Skinlike
16. Gorillaz: 5/4
17. Metric: Combat Baby
18. Grease 2 Soundtrack: Cool Rider
19. Fischerspooner: Happy
20. Lily Allen: Take What You
21. The Pipettes: One Night Stand
22. The Go-go’s: Head Over Heels

April 29th: DJ Reaction, back from her travels, busted out an old mix kicking around, waiting to be played. As DJ Femme Fatale, this mix had a pretty obvious theme. Check it out:

1. Britney Spears: Brave New Girl
2. Jamiroquai: Cosmic Girl
3. Space: Female of the Species
4. Kool and the Gang: Ladies Night
5. Donna Summers: She Works Hard for the Money
6. Beyonce: Naughty Girl
7. Stevie Wonder: Boogie on Reggae Woman
8. Blue: Girls and Boys
9. Latryx: Lady Don’t Tek No
10. No Doubt: Just a Girl
11. Queen Latifah: Ladies First
12. The Bee Gees: More Than a Woman
13. New Edition: Candy Girl
14. Peaches: Boys Wanna Be Her (TS Brookly…
15. White Town: Your Woman
16. t.A.T.u.: All the Things She Said (Radio edit)
17. Eurythmics: Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves
18. Bikini Kill: Rebel Girl
19. Chaka Khan: I’m Every Woman
20. Madonna: What It Feels Like for a Girl

Thanks to all the ladies that joined us in April. And now, join us tonight for a hot mix from DJ Lux! See you on the dancefloor!


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