We Want the [G] Funk! Gotta Have that [G] Funk!

Two Thursdays ago, your lovely den mother Michele was out of the dance studio, spending her time relaxing during a much needed spring break. Or, so we thought. Instead, poor Michele spent her time cooped up with a horrible cold and spent her R&R time in bed. Thumbs down.

Luckily, Michele turned that negative into a positive, and directed her cabin fever towards cranking out a totally awesome mix for us all to dance to this past Thursday! DJ G Funk dished out some chicken soup for the dancer’s soul–a collection of old and new songs that kept us going for a solid 80 minutes. Well, except for den mother Megan, who went home a bit early to nurse a cold of her own. Alright, NO ONE is allowed to be sick ANYMORE!

There! Problem solved…

Tune in this Thursday for another turn of the DJ Reaction spintables. I promise, everyone in attendance will be in 100% perfect health.

Until then, feast your eyes on DJ G Funk’s fantabulous fantasia!


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