DJ MSP Concludes March Madness with Some Home State Pride

Your den mothers may not be Minnesota born and raised, but that doesn’t mean we’re not proud of this Midwestern state, and last Thursday den mother Michele, christened DJ MSP, wrapped up a fabulous month with a list of songs by artists that all call this great state home. I probably would have teared up, if it hadn’t been for the fact that I was too busy dancing my face off.

True to form, Michele rocked out a wonderful mix! Thank you, pretty lady! And thanks to all of the ladies that worked hard to make March Madness possible this year! I am happy to announce that the ladies of DDPP have officially ushered in springtime, with warmer temps, later sunshine and nothing but wet mud where snow used to be. We now feel all warm and fuzzy inside from dance happiness, just like:

As for this week, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. DJ Reaction, after a month-long hiatus, will be pumping up the jams. But until then, take a look at Minnesota’s musical finest:


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