An Introduction to British Pop

When you think of British pop music, do you think of:

Or maybe:

Or, if you’re ridiculous like me, maybe even:

Well, DJ Lo-Fi decided to take those thoughts and kick them in the butt. Rechristened as DJ angLO-FIle, Kelsey educated us in the wonders of British pop, with a slew of artists of which only a few perhaps fired some neurons of recognition. It was like a whirlwind tour of London, without the Frommer’s guide or map of the Underground; in short, a mix of musical mayhem.

So thanks again DJ Anglo-file for another awesome mix! (Of course, compiled on the standard cassette tape.) I raise a pint of best bitter to you in a toast of your excellence!

It’s been a sensational March Madness, and we’ll be going out in style this Thursday. Your lovely den mother Michele will end the month as DJ MSP, compiling a list of songs from artists that all hail from this great state. Trust me, it will knock your socks long underwear off!

Until then, check out DJ Anglo-file’s spectacular spectacular!

1. The Jam – Start
2. Blur – Girls and Boys
3. Joy Division – Leaders of Men
4. Conflict – The Serenade is Dead/The Positive Junk
5. XTC – Living Through Another Cuba
6. X-Ray Spex – The Day the World Turned Day-Glo
7. The Fall – Bingo Masters Break Out
8. Paul Weller – Empty Rain
9. Human League – Love Action 12″ Remix
10. Elastica – Car Song
11. Echo and the Bunnymen – Do It Clean
12. The Sex Pistols – No Feelings
13. New Order – Young Offender
14. Haircut 100 – Love’s Got Me in Triangles
15. The Style Council – My Ever Changing Moods
16. The Small Faces – Get Yourself Together
17. Secret Affair – Time for Action
18. Pigbag – Papa’s Got a Brand New Pigbag
19. Spencer Davis Group – Keep On Running
20. The Slits – So Tough
21. Japan – Talking Drum
22. Bauhaus – Lilies and Remains
23. Visage – The Anvil
24. The Kinks – ‘Til the End of the Day
25. Billy Bragg – A New England


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