March Madness Kicked off with an International Sensation!

(Sorry for the delayed post, as I had to figure out how to format the playlist.)

March Madness kicked off in high style here at DDPP, as the illustrious DJ Groove cooked up a virtual smorgasborg of dance hits. We feasted on Peking Duck and French baguettes, we slurped borscht with a side of enchiladas. And we didn’t forget the hot sauce. If each country covered in the mix had been represented by a fruit, you could say Thursday’s mix looked a little like this:

Sadly, den mother Michele had to miss the event, as she was down with the Dengue Fever. The rest of, however, were able to get more than our fair share of the grooves. All this due to DJ Groove. Thanks pretty lady! You literally rocked our world!

This Thursday, March Madness continues with DJ Lux, leading us in a post-Oscar celebration of dance songs from movies past. Until then, feast your eyes upon what DJ Groove laid down:


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