Coming Up: March Madness at DDPP!

It’s that time of year again…spring is almost around the corner, and DDPP is here to get you through those last few weeks of drudgery with a collection of themed mixes that will help you shake your winter blues! Each week, songs are weaved together into a musical tapestry, as created by your loving DJs. Check it out!

March 4th: Seasoned dance vet Judie, aka DJ Groove, blew us away with her first mix last year. Now join us as she gives us a crash course in the truly international language: dance. Our music will transcend borders as we go on a whirlwind tour of the continents, with songs handpicked more carefully than Juan Valdez picks his coffee beans. Be sure to bring your pocket dictionaries, because afterward you’ll want to know how to translate how awesome it was to your friends abroad!

March 11th: After rocking our holidays with an end-of-the-year mix that set the bar high for 2010, Lindsay, aka DJ Lux, will dim the lights and crank the stereo on a collection of dance songs from movies past. It’ll be lights, camera, and ACTION for a solid 80 minutes–are you ready for your close up?

March 18th: You may remember Kelsey, aka DJ Lo-Fi, by her jaw-dropping mixes laid down on audio cassette. On the third Thursday of March, watch as she transforms herself into DJ angLO-FIle, playing a mix of British pop that’s tastier than a plate of fish and chips. Whether it’s punk, new wave, or mod, it will be a British invasion of our dance floor so intense, we may well need to call in the National Guard. Make sure you arm yourselves with your best dance moves!

March 25th:
Your den mothers are proud to represent the Twin Cities for DDPP, and to conclude March Madness den mother Michele, transformed into DJ MSP, will round out the month with a collection of songs all by Minnesotan artists. These artists play pull-tab, eat lutefisk, and travel up north to feast on tator-tot hot dish in their summer cabins–all of them share common influences, and tonight you’ll see how that translates into the dance tunes put forth. If you miss this mix, the only thing you’ll be saying is, “Uff da!”


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