Disaster Averted!

Despite walking to class Thursday night while listening to her iPod, yours truly, DJ Reaction, went to plug in her device Thursday night only to find that the damn thing had turned off and would not turn back on. After many minutes of frantically pressing the on button or the menu button, veteran dancer Lindsay suggested that she try pressing *both* at the same time. The ipod started right up! Thanks lady, for saving the day!

There’s not much to say about Reaction’s mix except that it was sort of slapped together at the last minute. Not her finest work, although it was fun to see such a reaction come from a Backstreet Boys song. Actually, the mix had a lot of guilty pleasures, of which the ladies of DDPP cordially indulged.

Thanks for coming out ladies! Until next week, here’s the mix that steamed up our windows yet again…


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