A New Spiritual Experience?

Sometimes when you’re on the dance floor, you’re there to sweat. Other nights, you can fall into a trance and just let your mind wander. I’m guessing last night was a little more of the latter, as yours truly, DJ Reaction lulled us through our ego, super-ego, and/or id with an electronica-heavy playlist. Co-den mother Michele was so “in the zone”, she didn’t even notice two lovely NEW ladies that joined us! (And let me tell you, they were troopers…without much of an introduction, they were thrown into the mix but totally let loose!)

While sidestepping through the last track, it made me wonder: does Lady Gaga get her lust for optical accessories from Elton John? I submit the following evidence:

Whatever you were thinking about, we were happy to have you out last night! Now, start thinking about this…next week’s mix will bring the return of den mother Michele!

Can’t wait, huh? Well, peruse this playlist while you contemplate just how awesome next week’s class will be!


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