2010 Starts with Free Energy

Okay, so earlier this week, your den mothers discovered that fabulous DJ Jazzy Jenn had come down with bronchitis. Oh noes! Not only was one of our finest down for the count, but we were out of a mix as well. Yours truly was hunkering down for a late night mix-making session, when suddenly her friend Ilana came to the rescue and offered to fill in.

7pm rolled around, and a large group of ladies had assembled, hungry to dance off some steam after a three-week hiatus. The minutes ticked by, and your den mothers were starting to get a little concerned, but lo and behold, in walks Ilana–that is, DJ Free Energy Drink–in full bright red track (okay, snow) suit and backup posse behind her.

Well, let me tell you, the entrance was almost as dramatic as the beats last night–tunes pumped from the speakers that made me dance as if I had consumed a case of:

There were songs that made us think, “WTF?”, there were songs that made us think, “why didn’t I think of that?”, but almost every one of them made us think, “awesome!” DJ FED, I know I couldn’t fit into your clothes, but I would definitely love to raid your musical closet. Spectacular job, lady!

Whew! We have been having some stellar weeks here at DDPP. DJ Lux lit the torch that finished up our 2009, and DJ FED took that torch and hit the ground running. DJ Jazzy Jenn, we hope you get well soon, so that next week you can take the torch and burn the whole damn house down!

Here’s last night’s playlist. See you next week!


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