For the Holidays…a Very Special Fresh Prince

Our last DDPP of the year was brought to us by DJ Lux, who had just happened to uncover a lost holiday episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air:

Will was organizing a hip-hop production of the Nutcracker at his school for the holiday season, but at the last moment the show’s lead, Kevin Mitsch, was arrested for doing some nude nightswimming in a posh hotel in the Hills. Will, stressed out and bouncing off the walls, skips school to hop the Love Train to Canada, in hopes of finding a new star. While there, he runs into a kind stranger (guest appearance by Mariah Carey), who shares with him her Christmas wish for the return of her long-lost husband, disappeared after developing amnesia. She also points out that the answer Will is looking for is also right in front of him: Carlton tells Will he can fill the role, and is surprisingly a huge hit.

Crisis averted, all in time for the last commerical break!

Thanks, everyone, for an awesome year of DDPP! And thanks to DJ Lux, for rocking out the year in fantastic fashion! It was one of the sweetest mixes we’ve had yet–just imagine if we had had candy canes!

Here’s what got the dancing sugarplums out of heads and onto the floor!


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