From Chicago with Love…

This Thursday was the first ever Trans-Midwestern DDPP Mix Swap! And boy, those Chicago ladies sure know how to whoop it up! Not to mention, they aren’t afraid to get a little Riskay. And the ladies of the Twin Cities were totally game, whether we were jamming to old 70’s and 80’s hits, shakin’ our money-makers, or keeping in step to ladies that want to smell their man’s–ahem– we were walking on sunshine for almost 80 minutes. And we have steamed up windows to prove that, as always, it was pretty hot.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies that came out this week, and thanks to the ladies of DDPP Chicago for rocking our world this week. You can swap mixes with us anytime!

And just so you know, DDPP_TC is representin’ this Sunday in Chicago! Get in your cars, buy your airline tix, and get on down there Sunday afternoon!

And here’s what the Windy City likes to get down with:


2 thoughts on “From Chicago with Love…

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