DJ Low-Fi: Back and Badder Than Ever

When DJ Low-Fi asked if she could spin the hits for Thursday’s class, of course your den mothers resoundingly answered yes. Kel-c’s first time at the turntables brought us a smattering of 80’s punk, 70’s French disco, and much more, all on cassette. The ladies of DDPP were in love; not just with DJ Low-Fi, but with a certain friend she brought along…

Well, Low-Fi was back this week, and although your den mother was too much under the weather to attend, everyone else was ecstatic to dance to another marathon of mega-awesomeness. The evening culminated in a special love note from our new favorite fitness legend:

Inspired yet? If that didn’t do it for you, this surely will: DJ Low-Fi’s mix. Thanks pretty lady for another awesome job, and thanks to all the ladies (and all the NEW ladies–woohoo!) that came out and booty-shaked it a week before Turkey Day!


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