Birthdays Rock!

Happy birthday to us! Many, many thanks to all of the awesome ladies that came out last night.

As for the mix, your den mothers lovingly picked songs from each DJ we had in the past year. The result was a mind-blowing mix of epic proportions. “How epic?” you may be asking. Well, suffice to say, our near-record number of women in attendance really turned up the heat–so much so that Michele had to turn on the air conditioning when we had steamed up not just the windows, but the MIRRORS as well. Hot damn! I decided to wear my special dancing shirt, but if I had known we were going to be doing bikram DDPP, I would have shown up in only my underwear! (Yes, you can all breathe a sigh of relief that I didn’t.)

After the mix, there was still fun to be had. Everyone that showed up got a copy of last night’s mix, as well as brownies, candy, and special surprises. We gave away a gift certificate to Old Arizona, tickets to an NSRG roller derby bout, and 2 GB of DJ Reaction’s music from the past year. I think the most coveted item, though, may have been the yellow and green Whip It headband. Who knew?

Again, Michele and I thank everyone for helping us bring the dance to the Twin Cities: to Old Arizona for being such kind hosts, to all the DJs for stepping up to the booth and spinning some hot stuff, and, of course, to everyone who has come and danced with us. We’re looking forward to another great year!

Below, we present some of DDPP TC’s best! (Don’t worry, there’s more where this came from…):



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