Ending the Year in Style!

Well ladies, we only have two months left in 2009, and boy have the months flown! They’ve gone by so quickly, in fact, that a milestone is upon us…that’s right, November 12th will mark DDPP TC’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

So prepare yourself…there will be prizes, baked goods, and yours truly will be spinning our greatest hits from the past year! Also, if you RSVP on our Facebook page (look up and to the right to check it out), you will get a FREE GIFT!

Also, just to do some housecleaning…with all the holidays going on, our DDPP schedule will be a little spotty. That doesn’t mean you can’t dance your face off; it just means that you won’t be able to do it within our friendly confines for a few Thursdays. But dry those tears, because you can still get down with us on:

November 5, 12, 19
December 3, 10

Look alive, because within those weeks we hope to have 1) the first ever cross-state Mix Swap with DDPP Chicago, and 2) a cross-promotional event, to be announced. Be sure to check back for more updates! Or, you can always visit our Facebook page–be our friend!

With the New Year, we’ll return to our regular dancing schedule.

Mark your calendars! See you tonight!


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