We will Survive!

Despite technical difficulties, the ladies of DDPP Twin Cities brought the funk once more. They kept the music blaring and the hips a shakin’ all the way through this rocking mix. Thanks for your patience ladies!!! Here’s the mix brought to you by DJ G Funk.

1. Creator – Santogold
2. Fresh Air – Brother Ali
3. Shake Your Grove Thing – Peaches & Herb
4. Mamma Mia – Abba
5. Boys Wanna Be Her – Peaches
6. Learnalilgivinanlovin – Gotye
7. Hysteric – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8. Hang Me Out to Dry – Cold War Kids
9. Respect – Aretha Franklin
10. If Looks Could Kill – Camera Obscura
11. The Only Ones – The Lookbook
12. Once Bitten Twice Shy – Great White
13. Bad – Michael Jackson
14. Black Gloves – Goose
15. I Wonder Who We Are – The Clientele
16. Kiss, Kiss – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
17. Stripper – Sohodolls
18. Hit Me Up – Gia Farrell
19. Dusk Till Dawn – Ladyhawke
20. The Ice is Getting Thinner – Death Cab for Cutie


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