Wake Up with DJ Buzz!

Okay, even though it wasn’t 5am, the crew seemed a little groggy as they walked in Thursday night. Your den mother was no exception. Luckily, Kari, aka DJ Buzz came to the rescue and perked us up more than an IV of Jolt cola!


Before the mix, DJ Buzz apologized for scraping the “bottom of the barrel” for her mix. Well, if that’s bottom of the barrel, I can’t wait to see the cream of the crop. Awesome job lady! I hope you refill your dance song list soon, because I’m thirsty for another one!

And here it is:


Well, three new DJs in three weeks. Whew, what a ride! Great job to all involved! Yours truly will be back spinnin the (proverbial) tables this Thursday, and hopefully we’ll catch a glimpse of den mother Michele, back from her travels…


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