The Contra-Positive of Sedated

I was talking with a friend of mine who was a math major, and he used the term “contra-positive”. Huh? “It means negative.”

Well, the title of DJ Reaction’s first song was definitely the contra-positive of what transgressed Thursday night. Our small but devoted dance crew brought it, no matter what the speakers threw at us. Den mother Michele won for the Trooper Award; you didn’t even notice that she was feeling a bit under the weather. That’s right, foxey lady; show that cold who’s boss.

I’m no doctor (well, I’m no MD), so I can’t prescribe hard-core dancing for whatever ails you. Unless, of course, you’re suffering from boredom or a lack of awesomeness. Then, I recommend one dose of DDPP per week. Use as directed.

So, rumor has it we’re going to have TWO new DJs in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to check it out, ladies, as I’m sure it will be hot. Until then, check out what DJ Reaction was (figuratively) spinning this past Thursday:



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