Lightning Never Strikes Twice…

…but DJ Jazzy Jenn struck us a third time with another awesome dance mix! We may not have had our hair stand up, but the tunes blaring onto the dance floor were definitely electrifying! From indie rock to the Beatles to a little bit of Miley Cyrus, we were stomping the floor so hard with our dance moves, the people downstairs probably got their umbrellas out. Great job, DJ Jazzy Jenn, and thanks to all the ladies (especially all the NEW ladies) that came out. It was an excellent night!

Wow, two weeks in a row with incredible guest DJs! Ladies, be inspired by what transgressed below, and sign up to be DJ yourself:


PS–I’m so happy to see our Michael Jackson marathon continue unabated. Although there was no formal agreement, I believe at least one MJ song has appeared on almost every playlist since June. We’re keeping the beat alive…


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