It’s Always Better When I’m with You

Last Thursday night we at DDPP greeted September with 80 minutes of dancing that were so awesome this den mother danced herself to the doctor’s office. Yes, I couldn’t help but rock it so hard I gave myself a stiff neck. But yes, it was absolutely worth it.

And, intermixed with all the awesome indie and 80’s rock, DJ G Funk managed to squeeze in not one, but TWO tributes–first, to the late great Michael Jackson, and then to John Hughes, the man who knew 80’s suburban teen angst almost as well as the people living through it. Don’t worry MJ and JH; we won’t forget about you.

Even though the change of seasons is upon us, it’s no reason to be sad. One plus is that here at DDPP, we’re doing a lot more dancing in the dark. So come on out for the full dance experience. We have two hot DJs lined up over the next two weeks, and you won’t want to miss it!

Until then, here’s last Thursday’s playlist:



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