Oh What a Night (August 2009)!

The threat of rain quickly passed, and another beautiful sunset guided us through an evening of dancing with our friends. Sunbeams peaked through the windows as dance hit after dance hit streamed from our speakers. DJ Reaction busted out another mix for the history books, as we mixed it up and broke it down on the floor. A couple of ladies even busted out some exercises on the floor–situps, pushups, etc–and why not? DDPP is all about you–feel free to do what you like during your time with us. The only rule? You have to have fun!

Tonight we struck a pose, fought back with French anarchy (in the UK), and swooped down like smooth criminals. Actually, our moves were so cool, they almost *were* criminal. And even though it wasn’t quite 1963, we still felt a bolt like a rolling ball of thunder. Kudos, ladies, to another great night!

And now, for your reading pleasure:


PS–Michele went downstairs to check something out and found two ladies pounding on the door to get in. We had not realized that Old Arizona had locked the doors. If anyone showed up to DDPP tonight and was not able to get in, PLEASE let us know: ddpptwincities [at] wordpress [dot] com. Hopefully this will NEVER happen again, and we are taking steps to make sure it doesn’t.


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